Figures published by the Nevada Gaming Control Board revealed that the state generated a $944.3 million gaming revenue, which shows a 7.8% improvement in comparison to November, 2014. The record high sports betting performance in Nevada is partly responsible for the growth.

Namely, licensed sportsbooks earned $557 million, plus 7.7% of wagers (almost $42.8 million) were held for a win; this number holds place no. 6 of monthly win in state history. A total of $29.1 million came from football wagers, noting a 4.3% y-o-y gain. Basketball was another popular sport among Nevada bettors; hence, basketball win jumped for almost 157% and reached $8.2 million. Parlay cards and race books weren’t as successful as the two previously mentioned sports. The first one dropped by 1.5% to $5.1 million, whereas the second one fell by 27.7% to less than $3.1 million.

Slots and table games (at least most of them) witnessed a good November too.  A 13.3% spike was noted in slots machine revenue, which reached $596.4 million. When it comes to table games, blackjack had the best month with its 3.6% growth to $84.9 million. Right next to it are craps and roulette with respective jumps of 11.8% ($26.6 million) and 22.5% ($24.2 million). Three card poker ($12.1 million, +1%) and bingo ($1.1 million, +41.2%) are the rest of the games whose revenue increased this November.

It’s interesting to see that VIP baccarat revenue dropped for 14.3%, but generated impressive $109.9 million nonetheless. Taken into account that November’s baccarat revenue was up for almost $31 million in comparison with October, 2015, this number can’t be really considered negative. Other games whose revenue fell are mini baccarat ($7.4 million, -8.8%) and pai gow poker ($2.4 million, -21.3%. The list ends with keno and poker rooms and their drops of 1.7% ($2.4 million) and 3.9% (less than $9 million.

The Las Vegas Strip still remains in the positive with a 5.4% rise to $535.6 million. Earlier this month the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority revealed that Vegas airport traffic was up for 10% in November and that the city had already broken the record for number of visitors in one year.

In comparison to 2014, when Las Vegas welcomed 41.1 million tourists, in 2015 the gaming hub was visited by 42 million people in the first eleven months of the year.