With revenues down last year for the first time in its history, Atlantic City is looking to attract a younger and wealthier crowd. Traditionally the Atlantic City market has been the average working man looking for a weekend getaway from his humdrum life. Now the city is going more upscale in order to attract a different market segment, as well. Since the Borgata opened back in 2003, it has been a leader in the redefining of Atlantic City. The opening of the Borgata’s newest luxury hotel tower, the Water Club, on June 27 is the culmination of the Borgata’s $400 million dollar bet on Atlantic City.

The newest luxury hotel will not have a casino but will have just about any other amenity that its upscale clientèle could wish for. The building uses 60 different kinds of wood and 40 different marble in its plush interior. With five pools, $25,000 spa tables and a $10,000 weekly flower budget, the Water Club is definitely high in the luxurious appointments that wealthy clientele desire.