The city of Brantford has hosted the Brantford Casino since 1999 and continues to receive payments from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. for being the host area. The most recent payment comes from the fourth quarter earnings and equals $1,396,808.

The payment stems from the gaming revenue earned by the slot machines of the venue and represents the city’s share. The revenues come from the time frame of January to March of this year. The OLG makes payments on a quarterly basis to the city based on a formula that is listed under the municipality contribution agreement. The formula determine the amount of money that the city will be paid for hosting the facility operated by the OLG.

Since the gaming facility has been in business since 1999, Brantford has been able to earn over $64 million in gaming revenues. Dave Levac, the Brant MPP, stated that the casino revenue that is provided to the host cities helps the Brantford area to invest in projects of infrastructure as well as services and programs locally. Health care and education are also provided for with the funds.