A senate committee has helped Brazil to take great strides into the gambling industry, approving legislation that will allow for gambling in the country including online activity. It was on Wednesday that Bill 186 of 2014 was approved by the Special Committee on National Development, which will allow as many as 35 casinos to be constructed.

The bill authorizes the large number of casinos, with one allowed per state and as many as three allowed in the larger states. The bill also gives authorization for video lottery games and additional electronic gaming options. This will include casino, bingo and sports betting. Currently, Brazil only allows for the lottery to take place as well as live poker gaming and horse racing. The bill allows for the individual states to make decisions on what type of gambling will be allowed within their borders.

Senator Blairo Maggi was the author of the bill, which is part of the Agenda Brazil. The Agenda Brazil package consists of legislative proposals that will help to boost the revenues in Brazil. Bill 186 will now move forward to the Comision Especial de Marco Regulatorio de Juegos to be analyzed. If the bill is approved, it would then move forward to the full Senate and a vote of approval would move the bill towards the lower house for consideration.