Race tracks for greyhounds and thoroughbred horses fill the state coffers, but they also earn themselves a nice return as well. This year alone thoroughbred breeders will receive 12.6 million from the West Virginia Greyhound Fund and Thoroughbred Breeder Development Fund.

While this doesn’t sound like alot it has gone up in leaps and bounds from earlier years. Just last year the thoroughbred breeders received only $5million up eleven fold from $421,778 in 1997. Greyhound breeders received more than $7.5 million up from $514,865 in 1997.

Over a dozen dog breeder received over a quarter of a million dollars in incentives with one earning almost three quarters of a million dollars. Compared to only two horse breeders who earned over $200k, although both earned about half a million dollars.

In state legislators looking to cut budget spending these funds look pretty promising, as many would agree they are way more than what could be spent to “save” the racing industry. On the other hand the funds are only a small percentage of the revenue turned over to the state budget, and not coming out of the taxpayers pocket.