After successfully showcasing its products at the EiG Berlin exhibition earlier this week, online gaming and sportsbook platform developer BtoBet has announced that it is now looking forward to participating at the upcoming BeGE 2017 extravaganza in Bulgaria.

BtoBet, which has offices in Malta, Rome, Belgrade and Skopje, declared that it offers online casino and sportsbetting operators a range of cloud-based systems featuring ‘unprecedented’ customizable, flexible and secure capabilities that are designed to ‘drive sportsbook and iGaming business’.

Alessandro Fried (pictured), Chairman for BtoBet, stated that he met with multiple German operators while at EiG 2017 to explain how his firm’s innovations can increase their engagement with players ‘in the evolving digital environment’ in order to fulfil their ‘needs and expectations’.

“The power of the technology that players and bettors now carry around with them around-the-clock is opening up a whole new world of opportunities for licensees to engage with their customers,” read a statement from Fried. “The proliferation of mobile touch points and the ability to access content on demand suggests that purchasing power has shifted from the brand and retailer to the consumer.”

BtoBet explained that it now intends to showcase the technology behind its online gaming and sportsbetting platform at BeGE 2017, which is due to run from November 20 to 23 in Sofia, while also exhibiting at this year’s four-day edition of Malta’s SiGMA event from November 22.

BtoBet was moreover at last month’s Enada Rome exhibition with Fried proclaiming that operators must now be ready to ‘shape their products’ to customer expectations due to digitization making player journeys ‘more interesting and full of opportunities’.

“Trustful iGaming and sportsbetting software providers must be able to totally support operators and provide the latest software engines to understand their clients’ three-dimensional journey and the adequate tools to drive their business in a profitable direction,” read the statement from Fried.