Leading casino operator Caesars Entertainment has implemented a comp drink monitoring system throughout all its Nevada properties. It was reported that the newly introduced system was completely automated and bartenders would now have a very little flexibility.

Namely, if a player is eligible to receive free drinks or not will depend on a green light featured on all gambling machines at the properties. This eliminates the option for players to take advantage of free drinks if they place low wagers and have a slow gambling pace.

Scott Roeben, the owner and founder of the reputable blog VitalVegas, has commented to other media that the changes would affect people who want “something for nothing.” He reportedly said that everything happened overnight and that even bartenders were still getting used to the new system. Customers, Roeben pointed out, were definitely still getting used to it.

The automated red light, green light system is activated when a punter puts at least $20 in the gambling machine. Once the comp drink monitoring program is on, a blue light will appear on the machine. If you have a fast playing pace and place several max bets the blue light will turn into a green one. That’s when you are eligible to receive free drinks. However, if you slow down or stop to chat to your friends a red light will replace the green one and the drinks will stop.

Caesars Entertainment released a statement regarding the new system.

The company informed visitors that the comp validation system was implemented statewide throughout their Nevada resorts. According to the statement, the system made it possible for the operator to “offer complimentary beverages to those gamblers who choose max play” at the properties’ video poker bar top units.