Sandy Marbs of Florissant, Missouri got a pleasant surprise and a hefty profit when she listed a $1 chip from the defunct Showboat Casino in a recent auction. She had kept the chip in her jewelry box as a souvenir from a trip to Las Vegas in 1960. Now retired, she began selling various items on eBay. When she came across the chip, she listed it for the fun of it thinking it might bring in a few dollars. Bidding soared from the initial listing of $2.25 and ended being sold to an anonymous collector for almost $29,000! According to Sheldon Smith, a spokesman for the Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club Inc., they believe this to be the highest price ever paid for a $1 chip. The chip turned out to be one of only three known surviving chip from the Showboat Casino that operated from 1954 – 2001.