Intransa has announced that it has been chosen for the responsibility of housing and managing the digital security system of nine Chilean casinos by Enjoy Group. A producer of simple, scalable external IP storage they were seen as the best suited to handle the digital CCTV surveillance system. The system is in full compliance with Chilean Gaming Board requirements and was installed by Bitelco Diebold Chile. It allows Enjoy Group to build a central management system with the live and recorded security data from the casinos which can then be stored on the Intransa system for further analysis and investigation if necessary. Because of the nature of the system it will not be a vast waste of resources to do so either.

The efficient storage, retrieval and review of the digital data is integral in today’s casinos. Analog and VCR systems don’t have the capability of quick review or long term storage which is used to quickly solve disputes in casino and track gaming. Such long waits and hard to analyze data can cause issues from lack of evidence to missing a time frame. Just as the VCR has been replaced in the home by newer technology, its time to do the same with casino security. The IP storage and digital surveillance by Intransa will not only meet current demands but will allow for future scalability and real-time camera based analytics to stay on top of things before an issue ever arises. Once the project is completed more than 2,500 cameras will have been upgraded to the new digital IP-CCTV surveillance system.

Two installations have already been completed to date. A 50 camera installation was completed in Enjoy’s casino holding in Coquimbo, Chile, complete with 45TB of Intransa IP storage. The second installation of a smaller 200 camera system took place in Enjoy’s Pucon, Chile casino complex with 22.5TB of IP storage. Both installations cover not only the casino but also the hotel and convention center in each city. This means that the casino is covered from one end to the other, not just the gaming floor which is important for complete site control of all access points and any issues that may arise. This is a great benefit that can be advertised as one of the amenities for high class clients or those who need good security to protect their interests.

Enjoy is very pleased with the systems so far, touting the efficient bandwidth usage and storage, quality of the digital images, and the search and analysis features. Since the Intransa system is upgradeable it offers the ability to add more storage capacity to support longer video lengths as well. Intransa has a long track record of pleasing consumers and the closer to completion the project gets the more the value will become apparent.

The system makes use of Intransa’s EdgeBlock IP SAN storage system with RAID 5 storage. This allows the system to be fully protected as well as redundant and expandable. In addition to the Intransa system Bitelco Diebold Chile also installed IP video management and software system from IndigoVision. Using the combination of Intransa’s external Ip storage and IvdigoVision’s IP-CCTV system will allow Enjoy to access video stored on the system from any work center, no matter where on the network they are located, an option obviously not available with the older VCR systems. The combination of cutting edge technology will serve the casinos well for many years to come with few changes based on the integration possibilities.

This makes the system perfect for longer usage, as it can also be combined with other IT security systems to provide excellent service well into the future, with more cameras at a lower cost as well as a more efficient usage. It would pair well with access control systems and badged security access cards to be able to track who was on the cameras by matching up the time stamps. Sharing video between locations could help track issues across the network and compare data from more than one casino at a time.

Such things mean less liability and issues for casinos. The ability to pull up, analyze, and compare data from any of nine casinos from any work station in the chain will help casino security as well as local and national officials trying to find issues such as organized gambling rings, repeat offenders, and even tardy employees. While the price tag associated with such a system can’t be small the long term investment is one that will return the cost many times over in the ease, reliability and usefulness of the system.

And while this all sounds great for the casino it is good for the casino’s partons as well. Better ability to track gambling and players quickly and efficiently means less loss, which means a bigger profit margin which will keep costs down. The little man always gets stuck with the bill when things go missing or there is too many payouts due to cheating. A good security system is a benefit to all, just not in an immediate fashion. The uses for theft and other security issues not on the gaming floor is also pretty obvious. If your room gets robbed, a quick scan of the tapes should show who was seen going in or leaving. People are often concerned for their things while they are on the gaming floor, but with better security there will be less reason to worry and more time to enjoy.

Intransa is based in California and the leader in scalable, shared, and simple external IP storage solutions for both video and IT usage. They offer security grade, high performance storage while still keeping in mind availability, and the price to performance ratio. They offer Set-and-Forget management for proven ease of use as well. They have been shipping shared IP network storage since 2003 and are Axis Communications Applications Development Partner, Cisco Ecosystem Provider, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and VMware Technology Alliance Partner along with many other industry partnerships through their StorAlliance Technology Partner program.