The Casino de Mallorca of Spain has decided to work with Win Systems to use WIGOS, a casino management system on their gaming property. The system has been installed at the casino and connects to 93 gaming machines as well as 6 gaming tables. The connection is made in TITO mode and provides the Win Systems company with yet another installation as the company continues to expand their business across Europe.

The Win Systems CEO, Eric Benchimol, stated that the installation at the Casino de Mallorca is important for the company as it reflects the increasing acceptance of WIGOS in the European continent, according to Win Systems is proud to be able to achieve their goal of expansion and continue to win the confidence of an operator such as Luckia Gaming Group, the company behind the casino.

The WIGOS casino management system is installed in more than 230 casino venues across the globe and is connected to over 60,000 gaming machines. More companies are seeing the security and reliability of the product including the Luckia Gaming Group. Commenting on the installation, the General Manager of the Luckia Gaming Group, Anton Alba, stated that Luckia was the first to bet on WIGOS in Peru, Chile and now Mallorca, Spain. Alba stated that Win Systems has become a consistent partner for Luckia as they have demonstrated their competence, flexibility, speed and commitment to the development as well as installation of the WIGOS product.

With the system in place, Casino de Mallorca will have the ability to view all gaming operations. The management tool provides complete control and offers auditing of the system with the option to extract various reports and statistics. There are several marketing and promotional tools connected to WIGOS as well to help the venue focus on customer loyalty as well as increase overall productivity.