,,,,,, and have gone offline as has the Dutch affiliate program, Net Gaming Solutions (Also a property of North Dakota Enterprises SA, which holds its Business licenses in Costa Rica Registration number: 5851881. License Number: 2010)

As of this writing we are not aware of anyone having been arrested, although Dutch news media have reported allegations of money laundering, fraud, and illegal gambling. The three most important names mentioned have been Michel, and brother Maurice Gregoire, and Stijn Flapper. All three are on a list of the 100 richest young entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. The investigations seem to center on these three men and their companies including Sheriff Gaming and Teletick BV.

According to reports, over 150 investigators from the Dutch tax authority, Prosecuting Authority, and the gaming authority conducted raids last Friday and seized more than 100 bank accounts, 80 houses, 20 cars and business premises in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. More properties including a 10 million euro-valued villa in Spain may be under scrutiny or seizure.

A new report today at shows Sheriff Gaming denying any wrong-doing and claiming that the company will “…soon be discharged on accusations of money laundering.”

We will keep our eye on any developments as this unfolds.