Keep the Money in Nebraska is a group of individuals who are in favor of allowing casino gambling to take place within the state of Nebraska. The group has been working to gain signatures in a petition drive to see proposals for gambling go before voters. With two weeks left in the petition drive, the group feel confident that they will succeed.

A spokesman for the group, Scott Lautenbaugh, stated that the group expects to have more than enough signatures to see the proposals added to the ballot. According to, the group has been working for signatures outside of major events in the state including a recent Justin Bieber concert and the College World Series. Circulators have also worked in high traffic areas where individuals frequent including the DMV and courthouses.

Lautenbaugh stated that the collection of signatures will continue until the final time frame in which the petitions have to be turned in to the office of the Secretary of State. The group has until the 7th of July to turn in the petitions to make the general election ballot.

Three petitions are currently being circulated by Keep the Money in Nebraska. One proposes an amendment to the constitution to allow all games of chance to be licensed at horse race tracks. Two additional petitions are proposing that state laws are created to regulate expanded gambling at state racetracks and provide information on how tax revenues from this type of gambling would be divided.

While the group is fighting to see casino gambling offered in the state, there is a group fighting to stop the activity from taking place. A coalition against casino gambling is against the proposals and has taken on the name No Slots’ Nebraska.