Two companies are currently working on creating casino resorts in the area of Jamaica with the groundbreaking to begin on the projects originally set to take place back in May. Celebration Jamaica Development Ltd. is one of the companies behind the gaming projects and the one who recently sent an application for extending the provisional order to create a hotel to be located in Montego Bay. The application was sent to the Ministry of Finance and Public Service for review.

The developer has been working to secure land for the project and has been discussing the venture with the Urban Development Corporation. Progress has reportedly been made for the acquisition of land based on local media reports.

The hotel and casino groundbreaking was scheduled to begin back in mid-May but the project was delayed. The Ministry has stated the developer is in violation of the provisional order due to the delay but an extension has been applied for and officials are considering the option to amend the order.

Celebration Jamaica CEO Markus Deutsch spoke with media outlets stating that the company is likely to begin the construction phase on the complex by early next year, as long as the necessary permits are approved. Deutsch further stated that the company was not able to break ground on the resort due to the fact that a site has yet to be secured and protracted final licensure.

The second developer working on a project in Jamaica is Harmony Cove Limited who has been given permissions to create a casino resort in the area (artist rendered pictured). Harmony Cove Limited is also considered to be in violation of their provisional order. Construction is supposed to begin next month but it appears that financial problems will slow the process. A filing revealed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Service shows that the complex will not be started until 2017’s second quarter.