More than eight hundred workers at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. casinos in Toronto, Brantford and Sudbury may have reached a tentative deal. Among the issues which lead to the strike were wages, split shifts and the use of part time workers instead of full time. The actual details of the possible fix are not being released until it is signed to help the workers and casinos work together without outside intereference to get things done.

The employees walked out June 1st and have stood their ground ever sicne, refusing to give in to less than they feel they deserve. One employee said people were enjoying their time off and finding ways to make ends meet but were definitely not going to just take any offer after being on the picket line for a couple months.

The workers on strike are made up of seven hundred from Brantford casino, one hundred security workers from Woodbine and eighty gaming floor employees at Sudbury Downs. They joined the Canadian Auto Workers last year when they signed a fourteen year contract.