The General Assembly of Pennsylvania is currently thinking over a bill which would send out invoices to gamblers monthly which would outline their wins and losses for the month. The bill is being pitched as help for compulsive gamblers as seeing how much they are really spending monthly could shock them into getting help. Most people agree though that it would take more than that to convince a compulsive gambler from doing that. Rep. Paul Clymer, who is sponsoring the bill, thinks it is a great idea to help gamblers see their actual spending. What may really be behind the bill is yet another way for the state to crack down on taxing gambling and preventing people from claiming they didn’t realize they had winnings they needed to pay those taxes on. Receiving a statement showing such numbers will make it hard to prove ignorance which can help the state budget. Casinos aren’t so sure. While they are all for helping gamblers with a problem, they feel that the invoices will cost too much and hurt their bottom line. With costs going up and attendance and spending going down they feel an invoice that costs a couple cents each will add up over the thousands of customers monthly and put some in danger of not making enough profits.