The Catawba Nation is embarking on the construction of a grand casino resort, Two Kings, in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, a mere 35-minute drive from downtown Charlotte. This endeavor, with a budget exceeding $700 million, is set to redefine the region’s entertainment landscape, signaling the tribe’s resilience and commitment to economic prosperity.

Settlement secures path for progress:

Following meticulous negotiations, the Catawba Nation reached a private settlement with Sky Boat Gaming, led by South Carolina developer Wallace Cheves, in early May. This agreement dissolved any lingering disputes over the ground lease for the trust lands, clearing the path for unimpeded progress on the casino project.

In a strategic move to fortify its development efforts, the Catawba Nation secured additional land adjacent to its temporary casino, including crucial amenities such as parking facilities. This expansion not only bolsters the resort’s infrastructure but also enhances the overall guest experience.

Chief Brian Harris of the Catawba Nation expressed profound gratitude for the collective efforts that have propelled the project forward. He emphasized the casino’s significance beyond its architectural magnificence, highlighting its role in preserving tribal heritage, fostering community welfare, and fostering economic opportunities.

Harris underscored the substantial economic contributions anticipated from the casino project, ranging from job creation to increased tax revenues for local governments and the state of North Carolina. By keeping casino revenues within the state, the Catawba Nation aims to invigorate the regional economy and empower local communities.

Infrastructure enhancements pave the way:

In parallel with the settlement and land acquisitions, critical infrastructure projects have been completed to support the casino resort’s development. Notable initiatives include the expansion of the Dixon School Road Bridge over Interstate 85 and the installation of upgraded sewer lines in the vicinity.

Delaware North, renowned for its expertise in hospitality and entertainment, stands poised to assume management and development responsibilities for the casino resort. Backed by extensive experience, Delaware North is primed to elevate the resort experience to unprecedented heights.

Architectural marvels and design excellence:

SOSHNY Design, acclaimed for its innovative approach to casino resort design, has been entrusted with shaping the architectural landscape of Two Kings. Drawing inspiration from cultural motifs and contemporary aesthetics, the design promises to captivate visitors and reflect the essence of the Catawba Nation’s heritage.

According to the Greenville Business Magazine, the construction of Two Kings Casino Resort will unfold in two distinctive phases, each marked by its unique offerings and amenities. The introductory phase will feature a comprehensive gaming experience, complemented by dining options and essential infrastructure elements.

With the ceremonial groundbreaking scheduled for June 7, the Catawba Nation eagerly anticipates the commencement of construction, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards realizing the Two Kings Casino Resort. As construction progresses, the tribe remains steadfast in its commitment to building a sustainable future and preserving its cultural legacy.