When Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh proposed a state lottery in Alabama, the new measure receive a great deal of attention. For weeks, discussions were had as to if the lottery would finally come to fruition as well as the mention of casinos to be added at the greyhound tracks of the state. SB453 also authorizes the governor to negotiate a gaming compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. However, the bill never came up for a Senate vote and today is most likely the final chance the measure has to move forward.

Based on Senate rule, no bill that originates in the Senate is allowed to move to the House of Representatives after the 26th legislative day, which just so happens to be today. Senators have the option to suspend the rule but it must be a unanimous decision.

According to Senator Jabo Waggoner, the Senate Rules Committee Chair, the bill has not been placed on the calendar for today. Waggoner apparently met with Marsh and was not asked to add it to the calendar. Marsh has not given up on the bill and is still trying to read his colleagues for support. Marsh has said himself that he is not pressuring his colleagues and is being straightforward by giving them the best route to take in regards to the new legislation.

According to a study commissioned by the office of Marsh with the Auburn University in Montgomery, if the lottery was added to Alabama, as much as $330 million could be earned in annual state revenues. Four race track casinos would be able to earn $70 million with 11,000 jobs created in the process. The bill by Marsh received approval by the Senate committee with a vote of 5-3 just two weeks ago but has yet to move any further.