The Chilean Gaming Control Board (SJC) Resolution Council is in the final stages of determining which of the two submitted proposals will be awarded a gaming license for Chillan. The casino tender victor will be announced the 10th of September, and the winner will have two years to build the casino.

Proposals submitted originate from both Marina del Sol and the Argentinian—Spanish company Boldt-Peralada. Claims have been made that favoritism has been shown towards Marina de Sol, and Boldt-Peralada has initiated legal action. SJC has stepped in and is asking for a report.

The schedule utilized for the SJC selection process includes technical assessments obtained from various agencies including the Chillan municipality, the Bio Bio government, Chile’s national tourism service as well as their Ministry of the Interior. But the SJC itself ultimately is responsible for the entire operational plan including investment levels, socio-economic, environmental, tourism and infrastructure impacts, and placement, design and quality of the facilities.

The city, about 250 miles south of the capital, is located in the Bio Bio region of Chile, an earthquake prone interior region of South America, and is situated near the geographical center of the country.