The 2016 Chinese New Year has seen an increase in visitors to Macau during the holiday, with a 4.8% increase based in 2015 numbers. Macau’s Public Security Police have released preliminary figures which saw close to 730,000 visitors from Sunday to Thursday. The city determined that close to 528,000 arrived from mainland China, which is an increase from last year. The total numbers from Sunday to Thursday consist of just over 70% of total arrivals for CNY.

The busiest day for CNY so far seems to be Wednesday. As many as 183,000 visitors were recorded coming to Macau, with the holiday being the peak season for the casino industry in the city. Visitors take advantage of the extended break to visit casinos in Macau.

It is a little too early to be able to determine how the holiday affected casino revenues in Macau at such properties as Wynn Macau. However, considering the number of visitors to Macau was higher in 2016, it would not be surprising to see the figures being stronger than last year.

For 2015, during the Chinese New Year, Macau had just over 1 million visitor arrivals, which was a slight decrease from 2014. For 2016, figures seem to be pointing at an overall increase in visitors, after reviewing the first five day figures.