Jesuit priest Richard McGowan, associate professor at the Carol School of Management at Boston College, refused to state an opinion on the topic of legalizing gambling on the island of Guam in a forum sponsored by Guam Greyhound recently.

His refusal to take sides has been viewed as a slap in the face to Catholic Archbishop Anthony Apuron who firmly believes gambling should not be legalized, a very common catholic stance. He was quick to reply that McGowan is no expert, despite his research on the subject at Harvard College.

McGowan backed up his statement with examples such as Cairo and Atlantic City. Cairo casinos, he claims, are heavily regulated by the government and admission is only allowed of holder of foreign passports although locals often slip in. Atlantic City, on the other hand, divorces and bankruptcy has risen after the legalization of gambling although it is offset by the $400 million received in taxes.

Guam Greyhound, who wishes to build a casino at Tamuning Dog Racing Track, has shown no indication of giving up changing the law. They are suggesting a similar operating style to Cairo with an international departure ticket required for admission.

After McGowan’s admission of not suggesting they vote either way one must wonder if things will get better or worse, or if Guam greyhound knew he would answer in that manner, which is so contrary to the general Catholic belief that gambling should not be legalized.