The most recent Super MILLION$ at GGPoker has finished up and it was Claas Segebrecht who earned the first-place win. Segebrecht was able to build on his momentum during the final table, taking every chip in place within a few hours to claim the title. It was an interesting tournament for sure, and now the poker player is $267,285 richer for his efforts.

Final Table Action

Segebrecht would start the final table play with an elimination. Yuri Dzivielevski would be the first to go, taken out by Segebrecht early on. Dzivielevski was all in with his short stack holding K-Q suited and Segebrecht called with K-10. The board gave Segebrecht two pair and he was able to knock out the first player in the event.

Three more players were eliminated by others in the competition before Segebrecht would see another player out of the event. Once it got down to five, Joakim Andersson had only 57 big blinds when he was outed by Segebrecht. Andersson held kings and Segebrecht held Aces. The Aces held up and Andersson was out in 5th place.

Continued Domination

Next to go was Chris Puetz, losing out to Segebrecht for the fourth-place position. Both were all in by the river, with Segebrecht holding K-Q and Puetz with Q-8. Segebrecht had drawn a Broadway straight and was able to take Puetz out with his second-best straight on the board.

Segebrecht would continue his online poker hot streak, taking out Bruno Volkmann in third place to begin heads-up play against Bruno Volkmann. When the round began, Volkmann had a slight chip advantage, and Segebrecht would reach a low point and it looked like Volkmann might earn another Super MILLION$ title.

However, Segebrecht began to chip away at Volkmann’s chip stack, and eventually, he would take the lead. On the final hand, Segebrecht was in with K-4. Volkmann raised with A-5 and Segebrecht would call. The board fell 6-9-3.

Volkmann raised again and Segebrecht called. A King showed up on the turn, which gave Segebrecht the lead. Volkmann would continue to raise and a 9 on the river pushed Segebrecht all-in. Volkmann would call and be unable to beat Segebrecht’s hand. He would settle for second while Segebrecht would be named Super MILLION$ champion.

Final Results of Super MILLION$ Tournament Event

First Place                          Claas Segebrecht                             $267,285

Second                                Bruno Volkmann                             $208,738

Third                                    meow41                                            $163,016

Fourth                                 Chris Puetz                                        $127,308

Fifth                                     Joakim Andersson                           $99,422

Sixth                                    Simon Mattsson                              $77,645

Seventh                               Sergio Aido                                       $60,637

Eighth                                  Ramiro Petrone                               $47,355

Ninth                                   Yuri Dzivielevski                               $36,982