Hillary Clinton, who is running for president of the Unites States, stopped at a union rally right in front of Donald Trump’s hotel on the Las Vegas Strip to mock him on the day of the first Democratic presidential debate. She joined 500 members of the Culinary Workers Union lobbing to unionize Trump International hotel on the Strip. “If you are running for president then represent everybody in the United States,” she said. “I wanted to come today and lend my voice to all yours,” she added.

The Union is very active in Nevada and counts over 55,000 members. It represents casino and resort workers and has been trying hard to unionize Trump’s hotel but without much success. Union representatives invited all five candidates running for president to the rally for the debate.

According to the Union, 500 maids and restaurant workers at this hotel approached them and asked for representation. However, in a statement the executive vice president at the Trump organization and Trump’s son, Eric Trump, said that the hotel employees have rejected unionization and that hotel workers are largely happy working there.

Clinton was the only one to show up at the rally. She took advantage of the situation and urged workers to say No to Trump. “Some people believe Trump is entertaining. I don’t think it’s entertaining when someone insults women and immigrants,” she said.