The state of Colorado will vote again on whether to allow casinos in racetracks.  Petitions were submitted by a group funded mainly by the areas largest horse track, Arapaho Park. This is not the first time this has been attempted.  In 2003, a similar ballot failed dramatically.   This campaign was called, “Coloradan’s for Better Schools,” and had nearly 2.1million dollars pumped into it by the Aurora racetrack.  This campaign has focused on giving money to the school system, where as in 2003 the money was going to be directed towards tourism and parks.  Still skepticism is rampant and the casinos in towns like Black Hawk and Central City, (Denver’s closest casinos)  have put together a counter campaign with upwards of 9 million dollars funding it.

Many residents see the use of schools in the measure as a ploy to help get this bill passed and point out that its a very small amount that the schools would receive relative to their existing budget.  Estimates are at 100,000,000 – in a budget that’s over 5,200,000,000 already, somewhat of a drop in the hat – but not entirely small enough to discount.