For days now, players in the Colossus Event of the 2015 World Series of Poker have been wondering just how many players actually registered to compete in the tournament event. The WSOP has now announced that after four starting flights, the tournament had 22,374 players competing, creating a new record for the largest field ever in a live poker tournament. After players finished the starting flights and all re-entries were counted, the WSOP event was able to create a prize pool of $11,187,000 at the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Colossus was a big draw for competitors at the WSOP due to the guaranteed prize pool of $5 million. With the increase of the prize pool by over $6 million, players expected the series event to offer a major first place prize, in the seven figures. However, the tournament will not be offering a million dollar payday. The first place winner will only earn $638,880, a number that many competitors are not happy with.

A total of 2,241 players will earn a pay day with the smallest prize being $1,096. After learning the amount of the first place finisher, players, even pros, took to social media to show their disdain. Such players as Will Failla posted on Twitter that the payout structure is very disappointing, especially considering the Colossus is the biggest tournament in poker history and will not even offer a $1 million first place prize.

After seeing the negative posts, the WSOP took to their official Twitter page to state that due to the number of players that will be paid, the amount set aside for first will be less. The WSOP pointed out that the winner of the event will earn a 1,130 ROI which is the highest ever awarded.

Even though players were not particularly happy with the payout structure, the totals of the event are not something to pass over. With over $11 million up for grabs and a massive 22,000+ field of competitors, the Colossus tournament is definitely one for the record books.