It has taken less than six months since the Oneida Nation announced they had plans to build a new casino in the Chittenango area, for the casino to open its doors. The new Yellow Brick Road Casino will open today at 10am and offer 24 hour gaming each and every day. The casino is located in Chittenango off Route 5 and came with a $20 million price tag.

The Grand Opening Celebration will showcase the Wizard of Oz themed casino which will feature special gaming promotions and events throughout the day. The author of “The Wizard of Oz”, L. Frank Baum, was born in Chittenango, so it is fitting that the Oneida Nation created a casino tribute to the writer in the area.

The day will begin with the raising of the “Emerald Curtain”, with players then entering the gaming venue which consists of 67,000 feet of gaming space. Oz themed restaurants are available for dining while a general store offers shopping opportunities.

Visitors can enjoy bingo games in the Wizard Hall, with room for 500 guests or enjoy cocktails at the Winged Monkey. A unique “Cyclone of Cash” will be featured during the opening day, where visitors can try to grab cash as it flies through the air. 441 slot machines are offered at the Yellow Brick Road Casino, with table games coming in the near future. Throughout the day, players will be able to take part in special promotions and contests to celebrate the casino opening.