The Colusa Indian Community, also known as the Cahil Dehe Band of Wintun Indians, is currently seeking millions of dollars due to what the tribe is calling shoddy work at their casino. The tribe is seeking a minimum of $38 million that includes damages and expenses, with the defendants not identified in the case.

Back in April of 2011, the tribe sued the construction company behind the hotel and expansion of casino gambling in the Colusa County Superior Court. By early 2012, the case was then transferred to the Sacramento County Superior Court, with over 650 documents filed in the case. The case is now considered a ‘civil complex’ one.

The lawyers for the tribe recently filed that the construction defect claim arose from the new construction of the hotel as well as the expansion of the existing casino, the Colusa Casino, which is located on tribal lands in Colusa. The damages for construction are estimated at $17 million. The tribe has asked for an additional $18 million to cover lost revenues and the resulted damages therein. They also want to have help paying the attorneys’ fees and expert fees plus interest which currently rates at around $100,000 each month.

September 18th is a pre-trial conference in the matter as well as a trial start date of October 19th.