When you hear the name Kevin Hart, the first thought that comes to mind is probably a laugh. Known as an international comedian, Hart has starred in several blockbuster movies after first starting a successful career in comedy. Having enjoyed stardom with such movie hits as Get Hard and Ride Along, Hart has also seen success on the small screen with the popular television show Real Husbands of Hollywood. Earlier this year, Hart began to show off his poker skills by taking part in several high stakes poker events during the PokerStars Championship Bahamas and it seems he was back in action this week, this time in Monte Carlo.

Hart was seen back in January during the PokerStars Championship Bahamas taking part in the Main Event, the $100,000 High Roller tournament and a side event. This past week, Hart was back at the felt, this time in Monte Carlo, trying his skills with the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo €100,000 Super High Roller event.

To announce his participation in the event, Hart took to Twitter, asking for luck as he is in Monaco and competing in the Super High Roller tournament. Hart went on to state that he about to ‘whoop some ass’.

During the beginning of the event, hosted by the Monte Carlo Bay Casino, more than 40 players paid the €100,000 to compete with re-entry available. Hart ended up buying back in after he was eliminated by Igor Kurganov, who held pocket aces over Hart’s nines. After the rebuy, Hart managed to build a healthy stack but would eventually be eliminated after going all in against Byron Kaverman. Hart was down to his last 150,000 when he limped in and Kaverman set a stack in to put Hart all-in. Of course, Hart called and showed pocket 7s with Kaverman holding A-4 clubs. The flop fell A-3-A, giving Kaverman trips. The 7 on the turn was good for Hart but the 4 on the river sealed the deal for Kaverman who defeated Hart with the better full house.

The tournament continues today to see who will be named the event champion, claiming the top prize of €1,784,500.