Fresh off his participation in the PokerStars Championship at the Monte Carlo Bay Casino, Comedian and Hollywood star Kevin Hart has announced a new partnership with the PokerStars brand. Hart will be working with PokerStars to promote the brand as well as making poker fun. Hart hosted a press conference while in Monaco last weekend in order to announce the new partnership with the largest online poker site in the world.

Hart called on Daniel Negreanu, a member of Team PokerStars Pro, to announce his plans to change the game of poker. According to the blockbuster movie star, Hart plans on making poker fun and working with PokerStars will give him the poker platform to do so. Hart stated he is glad there are all these pros in the game of poker that he can compete with and ‘take their money’. However, the best thing about poker according to Hart, is that anyone can play it, whether they are like Negreanu and making millions or playing at the kitchen table for coins.

Hart did not give specific details as to how he plans on changing the game but did say that he has some great ideas to bring poker to the people while still having fun. The comedian plans on using PokerStars marketing along with live poker events and his accounts on social media in order to promote the aspects of gaming that are fun as well as social.

Amaya Vice President of Corporate Communications, Eric Hollreiser, commented on the new partnership with Kevin Hart by stating that PokerStars takes poker seriously because it is their business and Hart makes everything fun because that is his business. Hollreiser stated that Kevin is a maverick and they are thrilled to be working with him to bring the game of poker to new audiences around the world while having a great time in the process.