The two tribal casinos of Connecticut have seen a decrease in slot gaming revenues for the month of November, according to recent revenue numbers. Reports show that Foxwoods saw an almost 7% decline when compared to the same month last year while the Mohegan Sun was down just under 1% for the same time frame. The win for Foxwoods Resort Casino was $35.4 million from slot wagers while earning $38 million for November of last year. The Mohegan Sun earned $47.3 million while $47.7 million was produced in 2015.

The general manager and president of Mohegan Sun, Ray Pineault, stated that October was a very good month and sometimes you see guests shifting activity from one month to another. In October, promotions and events were increased due to the 20th anniversary of the venue, which certainly had an affect on player traffic. Pineault also stated that the calendar was also a contributor to the decrease in November due to there being four Saturdays this November while last year there were five. The majority of slot revenues are earned on the weekends.

For November, the Mohegan Sun had 5,120 slot machines in operation. This is just a bit more than they have been running over the past few months. Foxwoods had 4,135 slot machines running last month. As far as taxes are concerned, the Mohegan Sun paid in $11.8 million to the state from slot gaming while Foxwoods paid $9.4 million.