SJM Holdings Limited is a gaming operator who is currently in the construction phase of the Cotai Project Lisboa Palace. Thirty construction workers of the local area have been on the project and most recently announced that they were fired in an unreasonable manner. The construction workers are claiming the Companhia de Construcao & Engenharia Shing Lung Ltd project contractor fired them and had no reason to do so.

TDM Radio is reporting that representatives for the workers arrived at the Labor Affairs Bureau to ask for help in the firing. The group claimed that they were dismissed on the 31st of July after performing construction on the formwork of the property for over two months. The workers were also banned from entering the site to claim any tools left after the dismissal.

Shing Lung, the contractor, has denied the allegations of the construction workers, even denying they had directly hired the workers. Lung claimed the recruitments were made by sub-contractors. The workers have asked local law enforcement about illegal workers in the city. Apparently a new group of individuals are seeking work and are speaking Mandarin Chinese at the construction site. These individuals will disappear suddenly when an inspection is conducted by authorities.