In Australia, Richmond Valley Council will consider a motion tomorrow asking the government for New South Wales to consider the impacts a coming ban on greyhound racing will have on those that participate in and rely on the industry for their livelihood.

Following the broadcast of a damning television report, New South Wales Premier Mike Baird announced earlier this month that greyhound racing would be banned in the state from July 1 of next year, which came as a complete shock to many in the industry despite acknowledgements that there were some breeders falling short of the required standards.

New South Wales is the nation’s biggest greyhound-breeding state and it is feared the prohibition could lead to up to 10,000 job losses alongside $254 million in annual lost revenues.

“I understand greyhound racing in New South Wales needed to be cleaned up but is banning necessary,” read a statement from Ernie Bennett, mayor for Richmond Valley. “The New South Wales government could take control of the industry to clean it up or if it proceeds with the ban at least provide some form of support for those who have been doing the right thing.”

Bennet declared that Richmond Valley Council intends to additionally seek answers to the economic impacts of the coming ban and consider ways to support the local greyhound industry as it prepares for the prohibition. He stated that just some of the local businesses set to be upset include veterinary services and pet food suppliers alongside fuel and service stations.

The area’s Casino Greyhound Racing Club explained that it holds around 49 TAB-supported greyhound meetings a year at the local Queen Elizabeth Park with each event attended by around 145 adults. Prize money for each race ranges from $1,100 to $1,700 while recent investments have included the replacement of the venue’s grass track to one featuring an all-weather loam.