A  tribal dispute last June at the Rolling Hills Casino in Northern California has resulted in the Sheriff’s office of Tehama County earning an award for their successful efforts to keep the peace. The US Department of Justice recognized the local sheriff’s office for their ability to maintain order during a potentially dangerous situation involving rival factions of the  Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians.

The deputies of the sheriff’s department had to step in after tribal members of one faction tried to stop operations at the facility due to a continuing struggle between tribal leaders. Tension mounted as an armed tribal ‘police’ group confronted armed security guards on a road leading to the casino. Police were able to diffuse the situation without any injuries occurring.

On Monday, the US Attorney and DOJ provided an award recognizing the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office as an ‘Outstanding Law Enforcement Agency’  for their ability to prevent a disaster during the highly stressful  incident.

Dave Hencratt, the acting Sheriff, commented on how the office is proud to have been recognized for their efforts to prevent a crime as opposed to resolving one. Hencratt stated: “This was a bad situation and you know we are fortunate, I wouldn’t say lucky, but maybe we are lucky and fortunate that nothing serious did happen.”