George Tiger was elected chief of the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma in November 2011 and took on the responsibility of protecting and developing the tribe. The chief received a lot of media attention recently that portrayed him in a negative manner after the media revealed that Chief George Tiger willfully promoted a casino of another tribe.

Kialegee Tribal Town initially proposed to construct a casino just 11 miles away from the Muscogee Nation’s River Spirit Casino. The state of Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against the Kialegee Tribal Town and the plan was dropped. The media accused Chief George Tiger of promoting the interests of the Kialegee Tribal Town and their efforts to construct a new Kialegee casino at an undisclosed location.

The chief did not deny the rumors but instead defended himself by saying the media was stirring up trouble because they did not research their facts properly. Tiger stated that he had signed an agreement not as an elected official but as a private citizen. He wrote a letter to Creek citizens and stated that Muscogee National Council along with the tribe’s attorney general were aware of the proposal but had no objections.

In his letter, Tiger wrote “I can state categorically that I have acted at all times in accordance with our constitution and the best interests of ALL Creek citizens”. Tiger stated that political parties along with the media were seeking to malign his name and spread rumors. The media also highlighted the fact that two months before Tiger became chief of the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma he received a final check from the developers of the controversial casino.