In Brazil, the Federal Senate will reportedly vote on proposed legislation during the first week of December that could legalize multiple forms of gambling including land-based casinos and bingo parlors alongside “jogo de bicho” and sportsbetting games as well as ill-defined forms of “electronic bets”.

According to a report from, legislators approved the final language of PLS 186/2014 on Monday with Renan Calheiros, President for the Federal Senate, explaining that the South American nation’s upper house intends to cast its final vote on the measure on December 7, which would ensure the outcome is known before the seasonal parliamentary recess begins from December 22.

All forms of gambling including the popular “jogo do bicho” lottery-type game have been outlawed in Brazil for some 70 years but the nation is currently facing a budget deficit approaching $5.5 billion and PLS 186/2014 is seen by many as a way to raise some much needed public revenue.

“This year’s expansion proposal has the best odds of passing in over a decade due to the current state of the Brazilian economy and desperate need for additional tax revenues,” read a recent statement from boutique research firm Eilers And Krejcik Gaming.

Brazil’s lower house, the Chamber Of Deputies, was due to vote on its version of PLS 186/2014 on Wednesday but the session was unexpectedly cancelled after 50 to 60 protestors invaded the debating floor in order to demand the government cease cutting its support for social programs. reported that it is currently unclear whether the legislation has the votes required to pass in the lower house while one group of legislators filed a motion earlier this week that attempted to keep the measure from even being put on the ballot. They explained that legal gambling would have a “negative impact on society” and were joined in their opposition by the National Conference Of Brazilian Bishops, which issued a statement calling on people to contact their elected representatives and demand they vote against the measures.