Macau VIP gaming promoter, Heng Sheng Group, and Donaco International will bring its VIP players to the Star Vegas International Resort & Casino in Cambodia according to the agreement signed by both parties.

The three year deal brings VIP players from the Heng Sheng Group to a dedicated gaming facility at the Star Vegas, expected to open in September. The move by the Heng Sheng Group, which currently operates gaming facilities in the United Kingdom, Vietnam and Macau, hopes to expand Star Vegas’ current customer base of Thai customers.

Profits from the gaming facility, which will have up to 50 baccarat tables, will be shared by the Heng Sheng Group and Donaco, with the latter supplying dealers and Heng Sheng supplying customer service personnel. In return for a larger share of the profit, Heng Sheng will guarantee a minimum win rate, a THB3 billion per month turnover level minimum, and pay all junket commissions.

A new business for Donaco, the new facility isn’t expected to impact existing Thai customers.