After the recent filing of regulations in regards to daily fantasy sports betting by the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, DFS operator DraftKings has responded. The company announced they are planning on being in full compliance with the new regulations, showing they are committed to consumer protections as well as engagement of regulations.

The daily fantasy sports company had already implemented several consumer protections voluntarily that were listed in the final regulations by Healey, including prohibiting employees from taking part in the public contests for real money. The brand also already allows players to place a deposit limit on their account if wanted. The company has stated they will continue to implement any changes as needed based on the full list of regulations.

Tim Dent, the Chief Financial Officer of DraftKings, stated that the company appreciates the leadership of the Attorney General and her office, as well as their willingness to have a meaningful dialogue about the important issues of the DFS industry. The regulations put forth by Healey are tough, but the company will choose to comply. DraftKings plans on continuing to work with policymakers around the country to make sure that the fantasy contests are fun and fair for the sports fans who take part.