The Echo Entertainment Group Limited is continuing its massive rebrand of its casino holdings throughout Australia. The company will operate under The Star Entertainment Group and its remaining casinos will undergo a massive $1 billion dollar revamp utilizing ‘The Star’ identity on each of the properties.

Echo has already rebranded its Syndey casino from Star City Casino to simply The Star in recent months. The company will also implement this new brand name to its other Queensland-area casinos, including the Treasury Casino & Hotel and Jupiters Hotel and Casino properties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, respectively.

“The intention is to change the parent company name to The Star Entertainment Group Limited with the properties to be known – via a staged rebranding process – as The Star, Sydney; The Star, Gold Coast; and The Star, Brisbane,” Echo chairman John O’Neill said.

The company is looking forward to the future, as they aim to create a more luxurious identity for their casinos. This has never been more prevalent than now as they have also announced a $2 billion dollar investment into the planned Queen’s Wharf Casino, which is set to open in 2022 in Brisbane.

The aforementioned Queen’s Wharf Casino will likely absorb the Treasury property in a $345 million dollar redeveloping plan that will also see the Jupiters Hotel and Casino receive a much needed remodel and expansion. The Treasury will keep its current branding until Echo’s board votes on the official name change in November.

“The transformation at Jupiters and work on Queen’s Wharf need to be well advanced to ensure that when the properties do rebrand they meet the world-class standards the company wants The Star Entertainment Group to represent,” the company added.