Over the weekend, an EF-1 tornado was created after a batch of storms popped up in Norman, Oklahoma, causing damage to a local casino as well as businesses in the area. The twister began in Cleveland County and was one of four tornadoes reported for the state late Saturday. No injuries have been reported as of yet. The Riverwind Casino was affected by the storm, with part of the roof ripped off and guests of the venue evacuated to safety.

The Riverwind Casino was hosting a Beach Boys concert Saturday when the tornado came through. The governor of the state, Mary Fallin, was in attendance and according to Cjonline.com, the Governor told KWTV that rain was coming through the roof and she was evacuated from the casino two times.

On Sunday, operators of the casino stated that there was no time to alert guests before the storm arrived as it took place at the very same time that the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for their area. A spokeswoman stated at the time that the venue had no power and parts of the property had been closed. Reservations for the casino’s hotel have been canceled through tomorrow, based on the latest reports.