Effective July 1, 3,000 more employees will be furloughed from the Encore Boston Harbor. The casino has decided to reduce staff numbers as they look to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Encore is the third casino in the state to have laid off or furloughed employees recently due to the effects of the virus.

Cutting Employee Numbers:

On Monday, Eric Kraus, the head of public affairs for Encore Boston Harbor, stated that around 700 employees are on staff presently. More employees will return to the company as they begin training once a reopening date has been established. Even more employees will come back as business grows. Managers who remain within the company will be taking a pay cut.

The furloughs are just another negative effect of the pandemic and the economic damage it has caused. State officials have not yet revealed how and when casinos can reopen, though they are supposed to get back to work during Phase 3 of the reopening plan instated by Governor Charlie Baker.

In a statement on Monday, the management of Encore said that when the property reopens, employees will be brought back in a thoughtful and measured way. Some of the workers who are associated with the amenities that reopen and restaurants will be able to return to work.

Preparing to Reopen:

When the casinos of Massachusetts get back to work, they must adhere to strict rules regarding social distancing and sanitation. Just last week, the state Gaming Commission announced minimum standards that reopened casinos must follow. This includes limiting the number of slot machines on offer. Poker, craps, and roulette will not be offered at this time. Anyone on the gaming floor must wear masks, including guests and employees.

Once the Encore reopens, they will offer casino gaming. They will move slowly to reopen restaurants and lodging. The hotel of the resort will open only four days in the beginning and offer limited services.