British land-based and online sportsbook operator Entain has announced that it will be piloting a new virtual reality experience later in the year that has been designed to allow fans of multiple sports ‘to play games individually and with friends.’

The Isle of Man-based firm used an official press release to declare that it will be partnering with the Verizon Media arm of American telecommunications giant Verizon Communications Incorporated in order to launch its immersive ‘sports club’ entertainments experience across several of its international brands.

Diverse discovery:

Previously known as GVC Holdings until undergoing a late-2020 name change, Entain is one of the biggest online sportsbetting firms on the planet courtesy of a slew of domains that include,, and The operator moreover stated that its coming innovation is to be made available for free via the Oculus Quest 2 headset so as to permit aficionados to ‘explore multiple virtual reality sports games.’

Real-time regard:

Sandeep Tiku serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Entain, which is also responsible for the sites at,, and, and he used the press release to proclaim that his firm’s upcoming advance will furthermore allow sports fans to live stream soccer matches and ‘take thrilling rides through immersive virtual reality content.’ As if this wasn’t enough and the executive disclosed that the innovation is to additionally give afficionados the chance to ‘build fantasy line-ups‘ and enjoy computer-generated games from multiple sports with friends while being safeguarded by its pioneering Advanced Responsibility and Care personalized player protection system.

Read a statement from Tiku…

“We continually offer our customers a wide range of innovative and exciting experiences and virtual reality is an exciting opportunity for us to innovate in new ways. The aim is to mix sports, entertainment and different types of immersive play in one product to give customers a great mix of new and exciting stuff to enjoy.”

Broader breadth:

Entain is also a major player in the world of online casino gambling courtesy of its domains at,, and and the company finished by asserting that its coming ‘sports club’ concept will feature ‘immersive experiences with music and bands’ as a way to reflect its broader ambition ‘to lead a new generation of interactive sports and entertainment.’

Tiku’s statement read…

We know consumers are looking for more multi-dimensional experiences in which the ability to place a bet is only one of the ways they can enjoy themselves. So, we want to wow them and give them better experiences than they’ve ever had before while at the same time using our cutting-edge technology to keep them safe.”