Top payment company Trustly recently announced a new partnership with Qliro, a leading e-commerce payments provider known for offering payment solutions in the Nordic region. The two first began working together at the start of 2017 with a trial period and now, Trustly will become a permanent online banking option for Qliro One, the express checkout service of the Qliro brand.

Qliro One was first launched in 2016, providing retailers a user-friendly online checkout service. The option was an affordable alternative to existing front end adjustable checkout service solutions. Now the Qliro One offers Trustly as a payment option, customers of retailers that use the solution will be able to pay directly from their personal bank account.

Qliro’s CEO Patrik Illerstig commented on the new partnership in a press release by stating that Qliro wanted to empower consumers who complete transactions online by allowing them to make payments in the way they prefer. The CEO stated it is important that consumers and merchants have a wide range of payment options via their services, including direct banking. With Trustly, Qliro One can offer quality bank coverage via the provider, for Nordic users as well as for consumers located across Europe.

Trustly CEO Oscar Berglund stated that Trustly is delighted to have partnered with Qliro to see the company become the online banking payment method in checkout in the Nordic region. Berglund pointed out that consumers will abandon their carts when the method of payment they prefer to use is not offered. With Trustly, millions of customers in Europe have the ability to pay with their preferred method which will drive conversion for merchants.

Trustly was founded in 2008 and has a wide reach when it comes to offering online banking e-payments. The company works with 3300 banks across Europe making e-payments fast and secure, having been named one of the fastest growing companies in Europe for 2017 on the FT 1000 list.