Sujono ‘Benny’ Kusni, the ex-honorary consul of Senegal was in court for allegedly allowing the consulate office to be used as a gambling front, taking almost 70,000 in cash himself in the process. Kusni, 38, also faced immigration charges for giving false information on immigration cards. He faces up to $50,000 in fines and up to five years in jail if convicted of the gambling offense. Honorary consuls are not provided diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention. Kusni is one of a string of arrests stemming from the consulate in Lau’s Arcadia being used as an illegal gambling den. At least twenty other people have been sentenced to jail time up to six weeks and fined up to $40,000. The casino was reportedly set up by ten people with a half million in revenue to start and operated from October to November 2006. Kusni is a permanent resident of Singapore, and is currently out on $40,000 bail.