The FBI has announced plans to step up their game in the regulation and surveillance of internet gaming. The main idea is  to gain the ability to monitor the internet without a warrant. The idea is to ask internet service providers to open access to the FBI and to pass federal laws requiring those that won’t comply to allow access anyway through tricky terms and conditions that a user agrees to when signing up.

While this would mean great things to the FBI, it is a bit more troubling for the consumer and practical applications. Getting every user who accesses the internet to realize they are consenting to letting the FBI watch their every move, something that has never been approached before due to privacy laws, isn’t something they can hide in the small print of a service contract. There are also concerns with how states would handle the changes. While the FBI want to move forward on this, it would appear that it will be slowly and methodically implemented while all the legal and moral implications are worked out.