The famous Genius Sports Limited keeps expanding across the U.S. This time, the industry giant joined forces with the most popular sportsbook in the country, FanDuel, to offer its customers a unique opportunity to enjoy its advanced transformative streaming solution, BetVision. This expanded agreement was confirmed by Genius Sports on November 15. 

Fantastic opportunity for all Fanduel’s customers:

BetVision will be included in FanDuel’s premium NFL offering through this new partnership. Genius Sports is the exclusive distributor of NFL Official League Data, so FanDuel will get access to the premium content, such as NFL’s proprietary Next Gen Stats, along with the official betting data feed related to the league.

Thanks to the integration with BetVision, all FanDuel customers will be able to access the live NFL viewing experience on mobile and tablet devices – they are only required to have access to the FanDuel app.

The possibilities are numerous: the customers will be able to watch the NFL games they’ve chosen, at the same time following the advanced live stat tracking followed by various renowned broadcasters and streamers from the U.S.

This is not all BetVision has to offer. FanDuel is planning to incorporate other features, such as integrated betting odds, in-game betting alerts, data-driven augmentations, and the fantastic opportunity to place live bets in video players.

BetVision – an advanced sports betting tool:

BetVision is a relatively new addition to the Genius Sports portfolio, and it has become very popular since its launch in September. The tool is helpful when it comes to increasing in-game wagers, as well as customer engagement and drive retention. It also provides sportsbook fans with various personalization options.

Chief Commercial Officer at FanDuel, Mike Raffensperger, said: “As an Official Sports Betting Partner of the National Football League, we’re continuing to look for ways to elevate the betting experience on our platform for fans during every game.”

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports, is also satisfied with this extended collaboration. He said: “In partnership with FanDuel, we are proud to lead a new era of sports betting experiences across North America. With heightened demand for greater personalization and interactivity, BetVision revolutionizes the live betting experience for FanDuel’s customers by helping to drive fan engagement and accelerate the growth of in-game betting.”

FanDuel already collaborates with NFL Official League Data, so this is another addition to the already existing, successful partnership – and without doubt, it will improve the whole sports betting experience.