Local news sources report that Detroit’s Greektown casino has been the sight for a $500,000 heist.

An unarmed man, dressed as a Loomis security guard, walked up to a Loomis armored van parked outside Detroit’s Greektown casino and asked the driver sitting in the van to open the back. The driver, thinking the man was a Loomis co-worker, opened the back of the van for the person wearing the Loomis uniform shirt and sunglasses. The man grabbed several bags and walked away with over $500,000 dollars in cash.

The Loomis driver parked in front of the casino had no scheduled casino pickups or drops. There was no get-away car, and the thief merely walked away. No one was injured during the incident. There were no weapons and no threats were made.

The FBI has stepped in to assist the Detroit Police in the investigation of the heist. The driver is currently under investigation, and surveillance video from the casino’s extensive outside security system is being reviewed. The FBI is offering no statements at this time.

Detroit casinos have recently been in the news as casino worker labor unions have been in negotiations with the MGM Grand Detroit, MotorCity Casino, as well as the Greektown Casino. Sixteen percent of the City of Detroit’s revenue sources from casino gambling.