Alabama’s VictoryLand Casino used to be the biggest employer in Macon County and generated significant gaming taxes for the government. All that changed in 2010 when the authorities accused VictoryLand of running illegal electronic bingo machines and the state’s attorney general succeeded in shutting down the casino.

The casino tried to re-open its doors to the public in 2013 but was not successful and has been out of business for close to five years. All that’s expected to change as VictoryLand has managed to get two successful rulings by Judge William who is an Alabama Supreme Court-appointed judge and Montgomery County Circuit Court judge.

It’s no secret that residents of Shorter, Tuskegee and Macon County have suffered financially in the absence of what was once Macon County’s most prized and highest-paying possession – a gambling giant by the name of VictoryLand. These two favorable rulings has given Milton McGregor the confidence and approval he needed to announced that VictoryLand casino will soon be opened to the public.

When VictoryLand was forced to shutdown its operations, it left more than 2,300 employees without work and seriously impacted the economy of Macon County, as millions of dollars in tax revenue were suddenly cut off. State representative Johnny Ford, Tuskegee Mayor and Shorter Mayor Willie Mae Powell were happy to hear that VictoryLand would once again be open to the public and stated that the Macon County will benefit greatly from the re-opening.

Milton McGregor stated that once the casino is fully operational it will create around 2,000 employment opportunities for the local community and confirmed that VictoryLand has already received more than 4,000 applications. McGregor stated that when VictoryLand was forced to close, his employees lost their jobs overnight and were put in a very difficult situation that impacted their families and the local community. Many of them had no insurance, no savings and were eventually forced to turn to food stamps.

In a statement, McGregor said “It’s taken quite a while to get here, but we’re here. There’s all kinds of other things these intellectually dishonest people have done to try to hurt Macon County and to try to hurt VictoryLand, to try to hurt me. But none of it’s worked. It’s caused us some heartburn and a good bit of money, but we’ve been victorious because we’ve been right.”

McGregor will announce an official opening date for the VictoryLand casino before the 15th of December and stated that VictoryLand will be bigger and better than before and will help to heal the financial wounds suffered by the Macon County community.