An online lottery looks to be heading to Thailand after the finance ministry announced they are fine-tuning a bill that will set up regulations for such gaming. Thai PBS has reported that the measure will put the Government Lottery Office in charge of coming up with a new product that is different from the traditional lottery tickets. This will include online lottery gaming where tickets will be made available at convenience stores as well as within vending machines.

In the report, a source close to the subject stated that the draft bill will be up for consideration in September within the cabinet. The language of the bill has 23% of the revenues from online lottery gaming going towards the state coffers. 60% will be used for prizes with the remaining monies going towards lottery office management fees.

The bill has restricted the sale of lottery tickets to individuals who are under the age of 20 as well as banning the sale of tickets in schools. Vendors who price gauge tickets will be subject to fines of as much as THB10,000 or prison time of one month. Sellers of lottery tickets online will have to apply for a license. Unlicensed sellers will face the same THB10,000 fine or three months in prison for selling illegally.