British sportsbetting software and trading services firm, Amelco UK Limited, has announced the imminent launch of an innovation that will enable customers to wager on the short-term fluctuations to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Attractive addition:

The London-headquartered developer used an official Monday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to describe its coming FinXpress advance as ‘a one-of-kind Bitcoin betting product’ that is due to sit alongside its existing wagering features by being operated as an extension to its Amelco Trading System (ATS) sportsbetting platform.

Side-bet scheme:

Justin Head, Global Financial Products Head for Amelco UK, used the press release to declare that his firm’s FinXpress innovation has been designed to serve as ‘an entertaining side-betting option as part of a main event’ but will also be able to be enjoyed as ‘a quick and enjoyable ‘gamified’ betting experience in its own right.’

Head’s statement read…

“We are very excited to be launching FinXpress, an entirely new type of side-bet that will keep punters entertained during betting lulls. Compulsive viewing and engaging, it is user-friendly and has no hidden extras; simply offering broker-free betting fun on the volatility of cryptocurrency.”

Expansion possibilities:

Amelco UK Limited proclaimed that FinXpress is set to offer aficionados the chance to wager on fluctuations to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency over set periods of time as short as one minute and could soon be expanded to encompass analogous wagering on additional financial indices such as oil, gold and other currencies.

Head’s statement read…

“The best part is that Bitcoin never sleeps, so punters can have a simple [and] affordable bet whenever they fancy with the chance to know if they’ve won in as short as a minute.”