The Fire Keepers Casino of Battle Creek, Michigan continues to work for the benefit of the community. The gaming group recently offered employment opportunities to those who lost their job due to the unexpected closing of Don Pablo’s and are also working on the Hub, a restaurant/bakery that will also double as a food pantry source for the local community.

Earlier this week, the managers of the casino were informed that many individuals lost their position of employment when Don Pablo’s closed down. The popular Mexican eatery left many without work and the casino stepped in to offer employment. Vice President of Human Resources, Frank Tecumseh, stated that the casino is concerned about what happens in the community and after they heard about the restaurant closing, the venue decided to inform the public of several jobs available within the casino.

The casino is looking to hire individuals for several positions including stewards, sous chefs, servers and bartenders. Those who lost their jobs from the local restaurant would most likely be a perfect fit. Those who lost their employment or anyone looking for a position in food service are welcome to come to the Fire Keepers Casino and fill out an application and go through the interview process.

A big community project that the casino has been working on is what is known as the Hub. A formal name has yet to be created but basically the area around Fire Station #4 will become a hub of sorts, providing restaurant dining for locals, a food pantry to assist those in need in the community as well as gardens to grow vegetation for the local schools.

The Fire Station is located in Battle Creek at the corner of Kendall and Dickman streets. The transformation of the station should begin in the next few weeks with the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi setting a goal of opening this fall. The concept of the Hub was created by the Vice President of Food and Beverage at the casino, Michael McFarlen. The Hub will have several ‘spokes’ of business which will include a restaurant serving sandwiches, pizza and desserts, a bakery with baked goods and meeting space for the downtown area.

Despite being a new source of income, the Hub is a way for the casino to give back to the community. The project will give back in a number of ways. The rear portion of the building will be used as a food pantry, working in conjunction with the Food Bank of South Central Michigan, providing a source of food for those in need. Land located next to the Fire Station will be used as farm land and the vegetables grown will create a salad bar for the local schools. A fund will also be created to assist charities in the area, with 80% of profits going towards the fund. 20% remaining will go towards the property as a reinvestment.