It has been confirmed that MGM Resorts will be working with IGT to install new technology for loyalty and transaction options. IGT’s Cardless Connect will be added to MGM properties with the first installation taking place at the MGM Grand Detroit in Q4 of this year.

The Cardless Connect technology is used for loyalty cards as well as transaction options as an integrated form of technology. The option can be added to a casino mobile application and allow guests of the venue to use smartphones to gain rewards instead of using a casino loyalty card. Normally, guests would insert a card into a card reader to be acknowledged during game play. With this new technology, the smart phone is tapped against the machine to begin game play. On top of loyalty options, the new technology can also be used to provide cashless gaming opportunities and transfers from a digital wallet of the player to the gaming machines.

MGM Resorts Chief Experience Officer, Lili Tomovich, stated that the technology of IGT’s Cardless Connect provides a breakthrough in the ability for the casinos to connect with players. Carded players will have the ability to use a smartphone to connect to gaming options and this will only work to enhance the entertainment level as well as convenience level of guests while ensuring that players do not have to carry around a loyalty card to earn benefits from MGM. The company is looking forward to the test rollout in Detroit this year.

IGT created Cardless Connect to be compatible with Android and iOS devices. The technology works to engage a wider player base which includes the more tech savvy younger demographic. Operators such as MGM will be able to use the solution to solidify relationships with players while enriching brand value and mobile applications.